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HSC/CNC Milling

CNC milling

In order to respond even better to customer requests in the milling area, we have  exhanced  our production facilities through the addition of a -axle universal machining center from DMG.

The DMU eVo/linear 60 unites the flexibility of modern universal milling machinery with the performance capacity of vertical machining centers. Features such as linear drives on the X and Y axes, an NC rotary table with a processing angle of up to -20°, 5-axis positioning and 5-axis contour processing allow us to achieve maximum productivity with top precision. This applies to the complete processing of single parts as well as to small series production.

  • Dynamic NC rotating table with high rapid traverse speed settings, 60 rpm in B and C axes, 400 kg load
  • Dynamic setting with linear motor on X and Y axes for increased power and precision
  • High rapid traverse speed setting of up to 80 m/min
  • High performance motor spindle with 14,000 rpm, 18,000 rpm or 24,000 rpm
  • Maximum mounting dimensions: 600 x 500 mm
  • Tilting range, B axis: -5/+110°
  • Turning range, C axis: 360°

  • DMU eVo/linear 60 (5-axis)
  • 2 x RFM 600 (3-axis)
  • Datron M10 Power (3-axis)
  • FADAL FM1015 (3-axis)


  • Metals: aluminium, brass, steel, copper etc.
  • Plastics: acrylics, plexiglas, POM etc.
  • Block material of different densities and from different suppliers 

Helpful datasheets for different materials are available in our download area.