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The Selective Laser Sintering process (SLS) describes the process of melting base material in powder form by means of a CO2 laser beam. The material is built up in layers onto the parts platform. Based on the data specifics of the 3D CAD model in STL format, the component is produced step by step in a powder bed. Data guides the laser beam along the component outline. Layer by layer is processed this way in 0.1mm steps. On lowering the parts platform, a container container supplies powder for another layer. The laser's energy is absorbed by the powder and leads to hardening of the material locally.


  • Optimised testing of mechanical building components and trial series
  • very stabil material
  • varnishing of the finished product optional
  • easy manual processing of finished product by e.g. sawing or milling


  • SLS-machine HQ (3D-Systems)


  • PA 650
  • PA 615 (contains glas fibre)

Layer thickness:

  • 0.1mm
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