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In Stereolithography, a process of Rapid Prototyping or Rapid Manufacturing, a light hardenind plastic material (Photopolymer) is hardened layer by layer with a laser. Fixation of the item on the building platform is typically achieved with a support structure by a Stereolithographics provider.

Stereolithography allows precise production with minute structural details and smooth surfaces and is often used to achieve exact models for building element testing. As STL part surfaces are of superior quality, models can be easily varnished and lacquered.


  • good model precision
  • great detail likeness
  • good surface finish
  • easy to process

Layer thickness:

  • 0,05 - 0.1mm


  • Viper Si2 (3D-Systems)
  • Typ 250/50 (3D-Systems)
  • ProJet 6000 (3D-Systems)


  • Accura Extreme
  • Watershed XC 11122
  • VisiJet Tough
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